Jocelyn Pook - Eyes Wide Shut

I worked with composer Jocelyn Pook for over 10 years as arranger, musical director, conductor, fixer, engineer, co producer and occasionally co writer. One day she came to my studio a little hungover, played a riff on a keyboard and went home leaving me to work on her idea. I added various elements, psaltery, drums, keyboards and drones. Later, we worked more on it, she added a random vocal by Manickam Yogeswaren and it became a track called Migrations which was used by a dance company for a live performance at the QEH London. 

Much later again, she had a telephone call from Stanley Kubrick – call waiting had just been invented and Joc put him on hold while she finished a conversation with a friend. He was waiting to ask her to provide music for what proved to be his last film, Eyes Wide Shut. Migrations was chosen for the orgy scene – we had the unusual experience of sitting side by side in an otherwise empty and locked (security surrounding the film was very tight) sound stage at Pinewood or somewhere, watching the orgy scene to see how well the music fitted the action. Jocelyn had some other existing tracks used and wrote some new very atmospheric string pieces for the film, which I conducted at Abbey Road and co produced with her.