Songs of Spanish Exile

Clara Sanabras - arranged by Harvey Brough

My arrangements of songs by Clara Sanabras from her CD El Vol Dispers. Songs of Spanish Exile, in Catalan, Spanish and English. For solo voice (Clara Sanabras) with SATB choir, String Quartet, Piano, Bass and percussion. First performances November 29th 2013, Turner Sims Concert Hall, by University of Southampton Voices and December 1st 2013, St Luke’s Holloway, London, by Vox Holloway.

I was keen to give the choirs I work with a chance to sing in a Hispanic idiom – British choirs rarely get a chance to do so. Bearing in mind that most choirs would find singing in Catalan or Spanish slightly daunting, I was careful to make it easily possible for them. There is some Spanish, a little Catalan but mostly English words to sing. We’ve done this project 6 or 7 times now and the choirs we work with have found it thrilling to sing this wonderful music.